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The Sympathiser

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 19:01
by MartinHowe
Here's a monster so evil, even Torm wouldn't put him in the Beastiary :)

Inspired by "Judge Dredd: The Exo-Men" in progs 111/112 of 2000AD...

Meet the scourge of law-abiding societies...

The Sympathiser!

You don't dare ask if this guy is "some sort of bleeding-heart liberal" ... because he is! This punk doesn't care how many victims a criminal has murdered, tortured or abused; only that the aggressors rights are held to be more important than those of their victims. He believes that even demons can be rehabilitated; anyway, they had a tough childhood and their mothers probably didn't love them! Although unarmed, in the long term this creep is definitely more dangerous to society than all the terrorists, drug-dealers and armed robbers put together!

Get out your Lawgiver, er SSG, and sentence him to death :)

Using the Covert-Ops hostage sprites as a base, the Sympathiser is an unarmed but HIGHLY annoying NPC for all DOOM variants; a pastiche of bearded bleeding-heart liberals who, from the instant that he sees or hears any player, continually whines about the civil rights of demons from Hell!

Their mothers didn't love them!

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Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 22:28
by Enjay
Heh, Dredd humour. :mrgreen:

Summoning a friendly one is amusing because he runs around bothering the demons instead. ;)

O/T Did you play the Dredd versus Death FPS game? I really liked it and thought they managed to capture quite a bit of what Dredd was about. They even had the balls to give the player a fully loaded Lawgiver from the outset and still managed to make it a balanced game IMO. I thought the zombies were some of the best that there had been in a game at the time too.

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 23:37
by MartinHowe
Enjay wrote:Summoning a friendly one is amusing because he runs around bothering the demons instead. ;)
Enjay you are SICK :P Seriously, I never thought of doing that deliberately; 'course then we'll have to Ex them for JIMPing...!
Enjay wrote:O/T Did you play the Dredd versus Death FPS game?
Only the demo level; my computer couldn't run it very well when it came out (got about 15fps) and the one I have now could do it OK; however, the controls aren't "doomy" enough and it wasn't possible to get used to them easily; guess if it was in a bargain bin I might try it.

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:22
by Enjay
Heh, my best mate who is a big Dredd fan played it non stop. It was hilarious watching him play because he would add in his own "Dreddisms" as he played... "You're going to the cubes punk", "I am the law", "Freeze creep" etc. :lol:

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 0:56
by Enjay
Maybe of some use to you... maybe not. A handful of semi-relevant sounds from the Dredd game.