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2008 - A Doom Odyssey

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 21:18
by Jive
Here is the result of very hard work :

with the approval of Paul Corfiatis, a gentleman, I debugged and tried to improve a little bit "2002ADO v2", and improved it with Gzdoom features (at least, Zdoom ones).
For the purpose to don't make you confusing both of those megawads, I renamed my version "2008ADO".

All details of what was changed are in the html file

Did you read me clearly? I said: I have the authorization of Paul, ok?
It's a present for your Christmas, by advance.

I released also another megawad for Doom1 (27 maps):
The Final Kill-me

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 21:55
by Jive
I want to be very clear: pretty all the credits should go to the crew who made 2002ADO:
  • Paul Corfiatis (leader)
    Kristian Aro (co-leader)
    Chris Hansen
    VIRGIL "the Doom Poet"
    Sam "Metabolist" Woodman
    Rory Habich
    Anthony Soto
    Joseph Pallai.
You can forget my name (I don't care), but surely not none of these names !!!