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I'm chocked, indeed !!

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:52
by Jive
In the recent past, I was beta tester for Alter, beginning his career of mapper. Then, time passed and I gone away from Doom.
Recently, I came back, and I saw that Alter had released some work.
Of course, I saw (since I'm not blind) that the date of the message was from 6 months ago...

And what?
Does that is preventing me to answer to my friend?!?

I was replying to Alter about the release of his megawad "Xenus", because I saw that nobody had answered him.
Then, another user, seeing the message reactualized, answered to my own message.
The message from Alter was again alive.

Then... wildweasel came to kill it while closing the thread, telling :
Issue #1: Check the dates of threads before replying to them.
Hey man, it was only 6 months ago.
And even, something is preventing us to make alive again a message being of some interest for us???

Yes, indeed, I'm chocked !!

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 20:02
by wildweasel
I locked the last thread for a reason. DO NOT attempt to re-open discussions that have been locked by the administration staff. Usually discussions go without replies for that long for a reason.

Your tone has obviously not improved either, so I'm going to give you Official Warning Number One, in accordance with the DRD Team Forum Rules:
Mandatory Forum Rules, #5 wrote:If an admin moved, edited or deleted your message, there is probably a good reason behind it - so don't just post it again. If a discussion was locked for any reason, don't start another thread "continuing" it, because that is probably going to be locked too.