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System shock 2 pistol

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 22:45
by Psycho
Hey there everyone, I was working on my project and got a little side tracked and about a hour later this,


Download here
Includes bullet shells, spent clips, smoke effects, reloading, and pistol whip.

Here's another version with original SS2 sounds, reload and damage. RECOMMENDED

Credits: Thanks to DuduKrazy, Wild Weasel, and TheDarkArchon for resources like sprites sounds etc. Credit to Looking Glass Studios for the pistol. And thanks to DoomRater for the
reload system. The pistol pickup, idle frame, and firing frame were made by DuduKrazy, the rest of the pistol edits are mine. Do what you want with the mod just credit me and these people for it.

This is my first released mod/mini mod......yay :D Feel free to comment and all that.

Re: System shock 2 pistol

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 14:55
by Pluck101
looks cool. I'll download it later today