Legacy Of Suffering [One more of GZDoom's Cacoward]

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Re: Legacy Of Suffering [One more of GZDoom's Cacoward]

Post by Enjay » Wed Jan 06, 2010 21:07

Yes, that was a strange thing to happen. Not only were the pics taken in software mode, the entire review was conducted in software mode because the reviewer couldn't run GZdoom IIRC. given that the mod (Burghead) relies heavily on GZdoom features (models, 3D floors, dynamic lights to name but a few) and some of the levels can't really be navigated properly without 3D floors in place, it wasn't the best decision.

That being said, the review wasn't bad in itself. It was just the the review process was ill-advised.

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Re: Legacy Of Suffering [One more of GZDoom's Cacoward]

Post by marco75 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 14:01

Sorry to bump an old topic, but this won a Cacoward, you gotta expect people to come back to it.
I have just played through LOS and ... I'm in the special stage (LOSMAP09). I have killed the three barons in the candle hall and have gone into the room with the fake wall, Pain Elemental and Revenant. 3 bars have shut behind me, trapping me inside. The only other path leads to a cliff into the abyss... what do I do next?

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