New soldier set R3D

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New soldier set R3D

Post by sitters » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:33

For Risen3D lovers,

We have made a new soldier set, looks better and with better animation.


Link : ... update.exe

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Re: New soldier set R3D

Post by Enjay » Sat Feb 09, 2013 0:07

Ooh, they look interesting. I'd heard that new soldiers were being worked on but these are quite different to what I expected. I don't have time to try them ATM but I'll get around to that ASAP. I'm keen to see the animations. Obviously they look fairly different compared to the original sprites but I do quite like the realistic proportions particularly of the one on the right.

[edit] Aaaand the animations really are very smooth. It's a nice, realistic walk that they have and the death-fall is nice and smooth too. I noticed that the pistol zombie sort of slides his feet outwards as he takes up his firing stance but other than that they move really nicely. They'd suit a mod with a sort of realistic feel to it IMO. The shotgunner is still my favourite.[/edit]

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