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Eternal Warfare, Beta 36

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 21:57
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Dear All,

I think I'm finally ready to release a beta of my (mainly weapons) mod, Eternal Warfare (for EDGE). Only problem is: where could/should I upload it? Filesize is about 5.1 megabytes as a .ZIP file.

38 new weapons (so far)
8 new monsters
Several new effects I've not seen anyone else attempt in EDGE, such as:

Impaling (a la F.E.A.R.'s Penetrator or Half-Life 2's Crossbow)

Electrical weapons that can arc from enemy to enemy

One weapon that works like Hexen 2's Scarab Staff with a Tome of Destruction: down comes the magic chains, lift your victim off the ground, and then proceed to tear them to pieces!

A single weapon that allows you to throw grenades FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS (underhand, overhand, roll, drop, detonate dropped, etc.)

A flamethrower that can set enemies on fire and LET THEM BURN TO DEATH. I'm not talking just a special death animation, but actually setting LIVING enemies on fire. You can also set walls, ceilings, and floors ablaze!

Shrinking effects

Find the secret method to obtain Severed Gorgon Imp Heads and turn your enemies to stone, while LEECHING THEIR HEALTH!

Semi Remote-Control weapons fire on command, wait in ambush, etc.

Grappling hook/Harpoon! No, you can't climb around with it, but you CAN snag enemies and drag them back to you, then use them as a "meat shield" or even hurl them at other enemies!

Enemies are not nearly as complex as I would like them, so some may feel a bit unfinished.

Two or so weapons have unfinished graphics (like no weapon flashes)

More than two weapons per key

Sound is WAY unfinished...

Pickup/weapon acquirement is LOUSY (one pickup currently yields something like 3 or 4 weapons). I hope to eventually implement a buying system like in Cold Hard Cash, and this will also allow the player to limit the number of weapons per key by purchasing only the ones they want.

Well, you'll find out everything else once I get it uploaded. Until then, take care everyone!

-Mr. Mistoffelees

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:31
by wildweasel
You can feel free to use Rapidshare, Megaupload and the like as long as you don't mind the file being deleted by the end of the month.

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:00
by WolfyGirl
wye not using FileFront? :)
they have have no deleting limits and accounts registery is free.
You can upload as much files as you like to.
but is limited to 1 GB files.
but still you have unlimited webspace for your files.

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:29
by wildweasel
WolfyGirl wrote:wye not using FileFront? :)
they have have no deleting limits[...]
I've seen tons of Filefront-hosted links end up broken - not sure if that's because of Filefront or the author, but I've been burned enough times by that service.

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:35
by WolfyGirl
my links are still working fine.
i have files that are 2 years old and those are still there and active trough.

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 16:56
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Thanks to you both! I'll try to upload it soon.

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 17:45
by WolfyGirl
i hope you will find the awnsers you are looking for. :P

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 19:39
by Chronoteeth
Oooh, can't wait! =3

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 19:56
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Dear All:


The 36 mean I've gone through 36 revisions since I start keeping tally in May, 2008. This mod will likely bug* the blazes out of some of you, but at least it's for EDGE so I won't be competing with the so-called "ZDoom Gods"!

*But fixing bugs is what betas are for, right?

This mod has been tested in EDGE 1.29 (full release, not RC's) ALONE. It is very important that you have autoaiming set to ON and gravity set to the THIRD NOTCH in Gameplay Preferences, otherwise the physics and some of the special effects won't work. Also, by "third notch" I mean put the gravity slider all the way to the left, then hit the right arrow 3 times.

Enjoy, report, advise, etc., and take care!
-Mr. Mistoffelees

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 18:30
by Mr. Mistoffelees
It's been almost two weeks... anyone care to comment?

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 18:24
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Well, 230+ views is good, but maybe if I share *some* of the things in the mod people will be more... inclined to try it out:

A quasi-PainKiller remake (slot 1): allows you to send out a grappling hook (with a functional chain you can reel in!) to grab enemies: you can then drag bodies around until you want to throw them at someone or something! You can also block shots with this weapon, and it will fire "phantom blades" back at an attacker when it blocks their own attack.

A telekinetic weapon (slot 2) that allows you to pulls chunks of stone out of the ground and slam them into enemies, THEN lift them up and drop them onto your victim for even more damage!

Call down lightning, acid rain, and satellite bombardments (think along the lines of Gears of War's Hammer of Dawn, but with bombs instead of a beam).

Shial's Crystal (Slot 0): This device can call up spikes from the ground to impale unsuspecting enemies, and launch spider eggs like the Spidergun from Unreal II. The eggs will launch acidic goo at any enemy coming into their LOS, or you can hatch the eggs at will to release (guess what?) spiders! The Crystal also allows you to PERMANTENTLY shrink enemies, which you may then squash like cockroaches (think Half Life 1).

The Flayer (the weapon graphics and coding are by me, projectiles and such are others): A nasty little weapon, when an enemy is killed then a chain will be fired into the sky or ceiling. The victim will then be hoisted upwards and reduced to little red chunks, causing a rain of blood. This weapon function was inspired by Hexen 2's Scarab Staff when a Tome of Destruction is used on it. The Flayer can also summon whirlwinds, like Hexen 2's Tomed Meteor Staff, but the whirlwinds will suck up and hurl boulders at the PLAYER'S command!

The Edict (slot 3): fires an ionizing projectile that can hunt down enemies; when it contacts an enemy, a trail of lightning is sent from the gun to the impact point ALONG the trail of the ionizer. The massive electricity burst can jump from enemy to enemy while multiplying in power!

"Mindtrap" Demolition Tool: Primary fire launches hovermines. Secondary fire will emit a beam that "paints" an area, and the hovermines will go towards it if they can see it. You can paint as many targets as you want, so this is along the lines of Half Life laser-guided RPG (though definitely NOT identical). The painted area will also attract enemies, so you can lure them to the hovermines OR start infighting! The hovermines are also remote detonated by the PLAYER, instead of having to use a timer or something similarly aggravating. This weapon was inspired by reading descriptions of Unreal Tournaments Spidermine Grenade Launcher, and by the mine layer in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. And yes, you can detonate the mines where they lay without sending them anywhere if you so wish.

Also, as I mentioned before there is a flamethrower that ACTUALLY sets entitites on fire, and they can burn to death. THIS IS NOT JUST A SPECIAL DEATH STATE!! You can also set walls, ceiling, and floors on fire, as an area denial measure.

Have fun, and some feedback would be nice.

Finally, remember that those are only a few out of nearly 40 weapons!

-Mr. Mistoffelees

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 19:07
by Beefy
This is certainly sexelent ! =D>

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 19:48
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Dear Beefy,

You have no idea how much just ONE reply means to me! I was afraid no one cared about it!

I'm still working on Eternal Warfare, have been for a few years already (EDGE 1.27 was new when I first got DooM). I've already modified the Flamethrower to set enemies on fire for MUCH longer than in the above release, and changed some of its effects, combined primary and secondary fire, thereby freeing up secondary fire (for what, I don't know yet). I've also found a few extraneous bits of code, so I got rid of them, and cleaned up some stuff I overlooked before.

I can't remember if "The Sixth Shotgun" (key 0, only acquired through cheating) uses flak shells in the above release. Suffice to say that they are quite a bit more fun to use now than the Slugthrower.

To be honest, I don't want to release this on Doomworld (yet) because of all the people who seem only to live to bash other peoples' hard work. Even though the Armory is mostly GZDoom, at least the people here are nice and helpful!

Many thanks, Beefy!
-Mr. Mistoffelees

P.S. Any ideas for more weapons/monsters/things and/or improvements?

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:32
by wildweasel
You know, having finally taken a look at this, I'm not really impressed - this mod seems to suffer many of the common pitfalls that other mods have fallen into. Things like...
  • Too many weapons. I had a hard time figuring out where my favorite weapons were on the key slots, and it takes too long to find them with the mouse wheel.
  • Some weapons are borderline-useless or have effects that are just plain silly. I like the rifle you start with, but is it really necessary for it to light everything to full brightness when the player has it equipped?
  • I'm not sure what some of these things even do. One of the weapons appears to be a PDA with a knife altfire(?). What does the primary attack do, aside from opening and closing the PDA?
  • I absolutely LOVED the hovermine launcher.
  • The three-barreled rocket launcher was alright, but what's the deal with the alternate fire? I can't seem to NOT kill myself with it.
  • You should probably pay more attention to your graphics; it's very distracting to have the player's hands change between weapons - gloves on one weapon, no gloves on the next, different gloves altogether on another?
  • I just can't see myself playing with this mod for very long on account of how powerful the weapons are - it makes things rather boring to be fighting something that essentially can't fight back on account of how fast it is to take them down.
  • Please tone down the dynamic lights! Many of them are way too bright and make it very hard to see.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 15:30
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Dear Wildweasel,

I'm glad that you liked the mine launcher, and thank you for the thoughts. This mod is more of a "grab bag" of stuff I created, in that you pick the weapon(s) you like and go from there: although if someone wants to put the same hands on each weapon they are welcome to do so. Also, I haven't created dynamic lighting yet, so you shouldn't have it on. You DO need Autoaiming set to ON and the gravity slider set to 3 (move it all the way left, then hit the right-arrow key 3 times).

Also, you MUST read the "Weapons.txt" file THOROUGHLY. That PDA is the ASWP-TD, and if you target enemies while holding primary fire you can teleport bombs over their current position. The "three-barreled rocket launcher" isn't a rocket launcher, but a slugthrower. The slug takes a moment to arm itself, so there are THREE ways to attack with primary:

A. Fire it at a distance, and it will hit and explode on impact (high contact damage, low explosive damage).

B. If it hits an ENEMY before the slug arms, it will *not* explode, but drill right through enemies until it does arm itself. It will then explode on the next thing it hits.

C. If you practice, you can fire the slug at walls or the floor before it arms: the slug will start smoking, and become like a grenade. You can shoot around corners, flush out enemies, and do much more with this trick once you've mastered it.

The slugthrower's secondary fire launches 3 satchel charges. If touched by an enemy, they will explode, and you can throw them so that two charges land on each other and explode. Satchel charges may be shot so as to remove them.

Suffice to say that weapon is MUCH more than another boring rocket launcher.

You should also use "idfa" to get all weapons to test with, and some weapons require a special method to obtain them, like killing a certain enemy in a specific fashion. I think you will have much more fun once you know the tricks I've hidden for almost every weapon.

In summation, I do not think this will be one mod you will like, as it is pretty much a toybox of destruction comprised primarily of totally-unrealistic weapons, quite like the Weapon Resource Wad or Aeons of Doom for (G)ZDoom. Still, you might be impressed with some of the special effects and tricks that the weapons are capable of, and what I've been able to do with EDGE.

Thank you for replying, WW! I know this isn't up your alley, but I highly appreciate your input!

-Mr. Mistoffelees

P.S. READ THAT TEXT DOCUMENT! It isn't there for nothing...