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The Exterminator Beta12 Release

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:21
by lizardcommando
Just to get this out of the way again, this is a cartoony MS-Paint weapons/enemy mod. If you're expecting something with realistic graphics like Immoral Conduct or Wildweasel's Diaz remake, then you're in the wrong place.

With that out of the way...

Here's the last beta (for now) for my mod. Besides the custom HUDs (Big thanks to Zhs2 for implementing it!), I added in a new enemy, the Security Drone (AKA Probey) which replaces the Lost Soul. I also remade sprites for two of the enemies, the Barney Calhoun Lizard and Mafia Lizard. I also changed some of the enemy attacks like the Level Armor. It actually shoots projectiles now instead of having a hitscan attack. I also remade the graphics for the Silenced Machine Pistol and placed the Molotov Cocktails back in the mod, although that weapon is still a bit buggy. There's also a new inventory item, the Support Beacon, which lets you summon a fellow Exterminator (although, they're a bit on the stupid side...). There's probably some other stuff I did with it, but I kinda forgot what it was I did... Anyways, click the link below. - 2.32MB

So here's a quick rundown on what's new with this version:

*There's a brand new Fullscreen and Statusbar HUD! Big thanks to Zhs2 for implementing it!
*Remade the sprites for the Barney Calhoun Lizard and Mafia Lizard.
*Added in a new enemy, the Security Drone (replaces the Lost Soul)
*Added in a new inventory item, the Support Beacon (replaces the outdated Berserk Sphere)
*Changed the long range attack for the LV Armor.
*Some minor tweaks here and there. I don't really remember what they were though...

The mod's still a little buggy, but it's fully playable. I was going to release this when I put my Vanguarder Robot into this mod, but I don't think I'll have alot of time to work on this mod for some time...

Oh yeah, here's a video of my mod with most of the new stuff that was listed here.

Exterminator Trailer 3

So tell me what you guys think of this version of my mod. Would anyone also be willing to do a review of it?