Outbreak - The unfinished alpha, now dead/on hiatus.

Release your weapons here, so they don't get buried in the main forum or in the journals.
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Outbreak - The unfinished alpha, now dead/on hiatus.

Post by Mortarion » Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:24

I thought I'd give it to the general public to try out.

The city's not complete, some bugs are in the weapons, and the g36 is missing an upgrade. The improved zombies were never completed, and so the cruddy placeholders remain. Other then that, enjoy!

Nowadays I can be found here :arrow: http://forsakendoom.webs.com/news.htm

Outbreak has a working ten minute or so day-night cycle, money is obtained by killing zombies, and supplies/upgrades can be obtained from Andy's gun works and the Geno-tech army surplus, on either side of the school you start in.(BUG - The army surplus door only works once, I never got around to fixing that, so you'll need to noclip after the first time) The mall was going to have supplies, but now only functions as a place to hide when you cant get back into Andy's.
WARNING - Nights are dark, and streetlights don't light everywhere. To see your way around, you'll need to buy a torch from GT Surplus, or grab some setup spotlights and place them around (useinventory) To help slow them down, barbed wire can be bought by the roll and placed at choke points. It wont kill the basic ones, but the fragile leaping undead can be torn apart by them.

Oh, and now for the resource credit stuff.
Anything I did, edited, stole, ect, can be re-used as you wish. Just credit me(as "Mortarion") in your text file/wherever your credits are.

My Credits
Valve(for most of the weapon bases)
Blake Stone(Player sprite bases)
Skin packs, dunno what ones (more player bases)
I cannot remember where exactly I got all the textures from, so sorry if you're not credited)

So that game-explaining wall of text aside, go play!(multiplayer compatible, good fun too.) :)
It's Arma-goddamn-M*****ing-geddon.

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