How build files are named

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How build files are named

Post by Dev Builds Team » Sun Apr 19, 2009 14:38

In keeping with the transfer of the ZDoom and GZDoom source from SVN to Git, the file naming conventions for those two builds have changed. As of now, the archives containing the builds will use the generated revision numbers. These numbers are not very catchy (e.g. the current GZDoom one is G1.9pre-38-g0980f66) but it is the way that the numbering is done and it shows exactly which commit of the source the build was based on.

If you are reporting bugs for these builds in either the ZDoom or GZDoom forums, please remember to state clearly the revision number for the build where you experience the problem. The revision is recorded at the top of the ini file like this:

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# This file was generated by GZDoom G1.9pre-38-g0980f66 on Mon Jun 24 17:25:30 2013
So you can open that to copy/paste the number into your bug report. The ini file is usually in the same folder as the executable but if you can't find it, you can use the "whereisini" console command to tell you where the file is.

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Re: How build files are named

Post by Rachael » Sun May 31, 2009 21:05


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Re: How build files are named

Post by Enjay » Mon Jul 08, 2013 19:58

Old message kept for posterity...

[spoiler]Unmodified builds
Written by: Enjay
Build files named "rXXX(yyy).zip"
example: gzdoom-r228(229).zip

To make people aware of what that means, I'm doing this when the version of the exe doesn't match the head revision number from the SVN repository. In this case, the exe is revision 228 but the head revision is 229 because Graf has made some changes outside the source. These changes do not affect the exe, but do bump the SVN head revision number.

I'm doing this just in case people are keeping an eye on the SVN repository and perhaps noticing that the revision number is higher than the one the exe is reporting itself as, or that the compiled file online is apparently behind the revision status of the repository.

Build files named ""

As many of you will know, the "m" stands for "modified", indicating that the source used to make the build was modified from the source on the SVN server.

I wouldn't normally put a modified build up unless there is a bug with the unmodified version that prevents if from starting.

When this happens, I have applied a change to the code to allow people to use the latest build. This change is exactly the one that either Graf or Randy will commit to the SVN repository when they can. However, the number, at that point, will not be what's listed, but whatever it gets bumped to (presumably one higher).

Experimental builds
Written by: Gez
Build files named "rXXXm_<bug>"

This contains an experimental fix to a bug recently introduced or discovered. The build is otherwise identical to the official one upon which it is based.

Build files named "<mod>"

This contains new features and may deviate significantly from the official build upon which it is based. The zip may contains as well additional material to help test the new features. A thread in the Experimental Builds forum provides more information on the build.

For both types of experimental builds, a patch file is usually included.[/note][/spoiler]

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