Because I can...

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Because I can...

Post by Rachael » Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:00

... and because I think this deserves a lot more exposure - remember when dpJudas created the true-color software renderer?

I've gone ahead and attempted to update it, but I may have missed a few things. Included is a diff against the latest ZDoom Git (as of this post), along with a map file for debugging, along with a pre-compiled build. I hope I set this all up right.

I'm hoping to put these into the regular builds rotation until the code is stable enough to be merged into ZDoom. It's still buggy, but it's awesome as hell to play. ^_^ And it even plays some GZDoom mods okay (though it doesn't do lights or skyboxes or models, and 3D floors are a bit buggy)

This is unmodified - it's just dpJudas's Truecolor branch merged into the latest ZDoom master, with one conflict resolved. (I don't even remember what it was, it's all in the included diff though)

Drop it on top of a recent 64-bit dev build for ZDoom and it should work.
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