Site is no longer marked as "unofficial."

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Site is no longer marked as "unofficial."

Post by Rachael » Sun Oct 02, 2016 0:47

This is mostly just a wording change. When this site was created it was not universally agreed upon at the time that this would be the go-to destination for testing builds. So the word "unofficial" was used a lot, and it caught on.

Times change. Projects do link to this site "officially," pointing users here both on their home pages and in their user docs/wiki pages, so it's officially unofficially the home of unofficial builds. To reduce confusion and promote the entire vagueness that comes out of ambiguity by not specifying it, the word "unofficial" has simply been replaced with "non-release" - meaning that release builds (for the most part, unless an auto-builder catches them during a release cycle) are not generally posted here. I feel that is a more true statement now, than "unofficial" ever was since this site was created.

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