ZScript needs testing!

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ZScript needs testing!

Post by Rachael » Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:58

If you've been following recent developments, you well know ZScript is on its way.

But, it's not done yet, and it needs testing.

A quick-fire decision was made to merge ZScript into GZDoom in order to attract more users. However, if you cannot use GZDoom for any reason (but still have a Windows Vista or later computer) you can still help us test! Just launch GZDoom with the following code:

gzdoom +vid_renderer 0

and you will use ZDoom's software renderer.

If you are on Linux and want to test the GZDoom merge, the source tree is here: https://github.com/raa-eruanna/qzdoom/tree/gzzscript

Otherwise, as-up-to-date-as-I-am-available builds will be sent to this folder here: http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzzscript/

What really would help is if people start converting their DECORATE code to ZScript. Major Cooke has helpfully written a guide here (may also still be in WIP, but it's still HUGELY helpful!).

Things that need to be tested include mods that use both DECORATE and ZScript code. D4D has already been converted, so test that, too! Bugs go to the same spot as always.

Before releasing mods for this version, please read this because it is very important: (i.e. we can't stress this enough!)

Until the next ZDoom release, some features and implementations may yet change, and if this happens your mod will break! In other words, what you see here is not final. Don't release "stable" versions of your mod against a ZScript build until ZScript has been *officially* officially (double officially, i.e. ZDoom 2.9.0 or ZDoom 3.0.0) released, unless Randi or Graf say otherwise. Your mod should not require any heavy changes after conversion, but don't be surprised if things break if you come to depend on features that may still yet change.

Happy testing!

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