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Post by pilottobombadier » Sat Jan 27, 2007 22:20

wildweasel wrote:Personally, I don't even bother with DDFinWAD anymore - if I'm doing something with an EDGE mod, I'll start a new wad file and import all the DDF lumps from EDGE.WAD and then modify them as I see fit through XWE.
I use wintex for importing and exporting my lumps, but I play the copy-paste-game if and when I'm implementing new features. ddfinwad does the job NOW, but 2 years ago it was, to be blunt, fucking useless.

Anyway, I'm looking to rebalance it. So far, the only thing that's imperative is making sure the player doesn't get the minigun after wasting a chaingunner. Far too early in the game to get such an important piece of hardware. I already know how to do that.

Regarding magazine sizes: The Colt 1911's magazine size was acceptable up until the 1990's because it's power and reliability over what was currently available was probably a bit higher; thats' probably the biggest reason for the US armed forces sidearm changeover to the Beretta 92 was magazine capacity and the fact that the gun is very reliable and inexpensive. By making a large calibre sidearm have a small magazine, though, it's actually out-of-place in a future world military. Balance only goes so far.

Now, with the Battle Rifle, it fires caseless ammunition, so 50 is actually a very fair magazine capacity. Considering not only the rate of fire, but maximum ammunition capacity, too. With the rate of fire and the fact that at medium range, sustained fire greatly degrades acccuracy (I have to fire in bursts at demons at medium range and usually succes is 33% to 50%), I think the choices I made for ammo capacity are very well balanced.

Regarding casings and empty clips: That's cheddar. Gameplay comes first. If I want those, all I have to do is copy paste some lines of code from weasel's tutorials and then work on alignment (which is damned easy). Spent casings and magazines are rock bottom on the priority list, and they should be with all mods.


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