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Post by pilottobombadier » Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:04

Aside from the new boss monsters and other new monsters, I dunno, because the weapons are not going to change too much. The assault rifle and SMG are being changed out and I'm debating over whether or not to bring back the 9mm (or 10, or whatever the fuck, who cares, it's a staplegun :P) as a base pistol and use the magnum as a secondary pistol.

What will be changed with the SMG, though, is that the magazine capacity will be increased, I'm going to try to put the rof at around 800 RPM, so it will probably actually fire slower (I clocked it at 900 RPM last testing). It will do less damage, though. If I can't lower the RoF, no big deal, it currently does about hte same damage as the magnum, so the downgrade will be a positive thing.

Although I really do need to get a handle on rate of fire. The more shoot frames you add, the faster the weapon actually fires, it seems, although the increase in fire rate seems incremental a best, but my battle rifle's rate of fire was clocked at roughly 1500 rpm and it it runs at 2 tics per second, which actually should only be...something like 700 RPM.

I'm going to set it up so that you get the majority of your weapons from former humans, and I have the graphics to back that up, but some, like the Zombie Marine, will use the more potent rifle weapons, such as the Battle Rifle and automatic shotgun (oh right, full auto will be returning for that one, no slugs still). And of course, the more potent the weapon, the harder it will be to earn, generally.

So yeah, there's going to be a more...visible hierarchy of human enemies, I'm going to flesh that out a bit better. There's a pistol zombie (that will drop a second 9 and another that will drop a magnum), teh shotgunner will remain pretty much unchanged - except that I'll see about adding a slug attack to its repertoire - and the normal zombie will drop the SMG; they're pretty much going to represent a rent-a-cop security force, and they'll behave as such. Well, except for the magnum zombie - it will at least be accurate.

The next step up is the special forces guys who'll use the assault rifle, then the marines.

The final step up will be the bazooka zombie (and you won't be able to take their weapon) and the heavy weapon guys, one that uses the minigun on slow setting - the sergeant - and the other that uses it on the fast setting - the major, and those two will be quite rare because of the extreme threat that they'll represent.

There'll be three classes of imp - the original, one that throws nukage (and i'd like to see about adding some sort of DoT effect), and a final faster type that's meaner, stronger, faster and has deadlier attacks.

I've added a second type of Demon, it will have a ranged attack, and I'm considering making a spectre version of it as well.

There's also another demonic animal type, don't quite know what I'll do with it yet. I'm considering just pitching it.

I've also got some variations on the pain elemental, one that has a shot that turns into a poisonous cloud, so that one's a keeper. Plus the poisonous cloud's a keeper, too. It might be interesting when used in conjunction with creature deaths.

Basically, there's probably going to be twice as many enemy types, maybe a wee bit more. But once I get the graphics done, I'm going to start devoting a lot of time to learning to build levels. Since picking up a few EDGE tricks, I'll be scrapping my current test levels and starting fresh. Besides, gives me a chance to develop a better demo level and all that jazz.

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Post by pilottobombadier » Tue Jul 31, 2007 14:22

Alrighty, I have an update for youse all.

I've completed 5 weapons (so I'm about 1/3 done on the coding end of the weapons) and i've gotten all the graphics I need. I think :P No, I should be good on that end.

I also found a copy of EDGE 1.24 on one of my backup CD's, so with a little help from XWE, I should be able to repair Lock and Load 3.

Finally, I'm killing the Lock and Load name after this version. The project will be renamed after I release the weapons demo. To what I don't know yet.

Also, when I said I was done with graphics, I meant sprites. I'm going to want to add textures and flats, though.

Anyone know what the process is to that? Will Doom build the PNames (I think that's what it's called) and Textures1 file? Or do I need to extract it and add the textures and whatnot into by name, and then import them into the wad?

And I'm not sure why there are 4 p_start entries - p_start and p_start 1 - 3 and of course their respective end entries.

Just wondering.


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