The super shotgun...

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The super shotgun...

Post by yellowmadman » Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:50

Am I the only one who finds this thing retardedly over powered?

I just got done playing zdaemon (another example of another part of the doom fanbase full of assholes)

and one 1on1 match all this dude did was run in circles spraying the SSG and racking up kills.

Id almost rather someone BFG whore! you can atleast dodge it!

If anything, SSGs need to be nerfed....ALOT!

jeez, getting hard to like doom with all the fags that play it....

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Re: The super shotgun...

Post by dark-slayer-201 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 13:24

AFAIK, the SSG has always been that way, since doom2.exe
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Re: The super shotgun...

Post by Gez » Sun Oct 31, 2010 14:21

The SSG always deal above-average damage in Doom (and in ZDaemon). This is a quirk induced by the nature of Doom's pseudorandom number generator and the use of random values for bullet spread. The average of all the possible shots will produce a total amount of damage that is above what the damage formula should mathematically inflict on average.

ZDoom and Skulltag have a different pseudorandom number generator, which removes this quirk. As a result, ZDaemon players find that the SSG has been "nerfed".


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