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New Format!

Post by Rachael » Mon Mar 23, 2009 16:06

The SVN site has undergone some minor changes. The goal is to make it look slightly better, while also making it more accessible.

There are some of you folks who like to download both GZDoom and ZDoom updates. You can do this in fewer clicks now - the top-level directory navigation has been moved to the sidebar and is now visible in all pages.

Additionally, the main page has been made into a news page, where the SVN team will now be able to communicate important information to you. Such information would vary on a variety of factors, but for the most part, if builds are not being maintained for one reason or another, viewing the main page might tell you why. :)

If you're familiar with DRD Team's news format with a few of the hostee sites, such as GZDoom, not much is different here - in fact, just like with GZDoom, you can comment on news items as they are posted.

Anyway, enjoy!

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