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Upgrade Complete

Post by Rachael » Fri May 08, 2009 8:26

As you may have noticed, the SVN site has changed a little. A lot of effort has been made to make sure previous links are backwards compatible with the current system. If you are having problems, please leave a message in this thread.

The cool thing about the new version of the SVN site is it uses CSS3 capabilities, which enhances the appearance of many of the page elements. It also uses PNG backgrounds, which allows me to layer one background on top of the other. One ability that it also uses that's not present in many browsers (currently) is embedded fonts. The SVN logo at the top left corner of this page uses a certain font; it's not the only thing that does. ;) If you do not see the font, your browser doesn't support it yet - but you can download the font if you want to see it anyway.

The pages in this site should also validate XHTML/1.0 strict as well as CSS 3. (If you use the CSS 2 validator you'll get errors)

With the work done on this site, it's also extensible enough now to allow the development of multiple selectable themes.


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