GZDoom 1.3 betas!

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GZDoom 1.3 betas!

Post by Gez » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:19

The upload of new GZDoom SVN builds is temporarily suspended. Instead, people are advised to get the latest beta builds. GZDoom SVN builds resume once the 1.3 version is officially released.

This does not affect builds of ACC, Doom Builder 2, Eternity, Vavoom or ZDoom.
Normal SVN build service has resumed. The GZDoom code is now finalized and waiting for a ZDoom sound bug to be fixed before an official release can be made.

...and, as of 29 November 2009, SVN builds have been stopped again due to an official version of GZDoom being released and to help Graf keep track of any bug reports that come in for that. To aid this, all older builds have been taken down. Please go to the GZDoom download page to get the latest version.

SVN builds for GZDoom will return as and when it is appropriate. Other builds are not affected by this pause.

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