Model 1897 Trench Gun

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Model 1897 Trench Gun

Post by MidoriMan » Thu Oct 02, 2008 14:14

Since quite a while back, my laptop (which I have been using for Doom-related stuff) was sent into the shop for repairs. Meanwhile, to pass the time, I decided to play around with Snarboo's Trench Gun spriteset.

The concept was absolutely sound, but I always thought there was room for improvement. What I created as a result, was a lot more like the real thing as well as almost completely overhauled (I've even attached a bayonet!).
The sprites themselves are practically in a bare-bones state (IE no firing/thrusting frames). but I have included a pickup sprite.

FYI, the main difference between SHTGA0 and SHTGF0 is that 'F0 has it's hammer already struck (it's already fired a round).

ID Software (original shotgun sprites)
Snarboo (initial modification)
Infinity Ward & Activision (the back part of the idle frames were initially ripped from Call of Duty 2's Trench Gun)
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Post by wildweasel » Thu Oct 02, 2008 16:35

Making swinging/thrusting frames should be no problem, I could probably get by with just the B frame and align that around as necessary. A bit disappointed that there's no muzzle flash, but I could probably figure something out there too.

Highly useful graphics. These are going into my next mod, whichever one that will end up being. =P


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