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The Resource Pool

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 8:40
by wildweasel
I've decided that the Modding Help and Resource Pool forums are to be merged into one for this new forum. This means that resources are to be clearly marked, somehow. So I came up with a Grand Plan to handle these.

When you post a Resource, please do the following:

1. Tag your topic as [RES] to denote that it is a Resource.
2. Add a particular Category tag to denote what kind of Resource it is:
- [G] denotes Graphical resources - weapon, monster, HUD sprites, etc.
- [A] denotes Audio resources - sound effects and music.
- [C] denotes Code resources - DDF files, DECORATE lumps, DEH patches
- You may mix the three tags as needed - for example, a Xaser weapon that comes with sprites, sounds, and a demo DECORATE lump would be labelled as:

Code: Select all

 [RES][GAC] Xaser's Latest Weapon
3. Please credit your sources for any kind of resources that may not be yours, or whatever you may have based them on.
4. Provide screenshots of Graphical resources if possible.
5. Code resources may be placed within your forum thread, or attached as a ZIP file if it's too large.