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MaxPower's Mods

Post by MaxPower8905 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 16:38

Alright, I created this development journal to post about my new mod in progress, named The Great Demon Hunter. In this weapon mod, you play the role of a great demon bounty hunter who wields a legendary demon blade that is feared by even satan himself. The blade's power has slowly drained away over time though, and it is now no more powerful than a standard sword. But there might be a way to restore the blade to its former glory.

Yeah the little story thing I came up with isn't great, but I'm not much of a writter. The mod is going along pretty good so far and I have an early beta up for download. ...

The current weapons in the mod are:
-The Demon Blade (starting weapon)
-Flaregun (starting weapon)
-Silver Bullet Magnum (replaces chainsaw and is sometimes dropped by zombiemen)
-Shotgun (obviosly replaces shotgun)
-Powershot Carbine (replaces SSG)

Known issues:
-You can't pick up any more magnums after you have one.
-The carbine is unfinished. There are some stray pixels around the graphics, and I'm not done coding it yet.
-The blade is unfinished. I'm trying to find better sounds for it, and I still have to implement a combo attack.

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Post by Chronoteeth » Mon Oct 02, 2006 17:53

Pretty sweet so far max, really sweet. Hmm, look in TAOO. I say you give that blade the ability to slice enemies in two, just like in that mod. :P

Also, there are some glaring AA in some sprites. Might wanna fix those.

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Post by MaxPower8905 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 18:12

Yeah, I was thinking about giving the blade the ability to hack off limbs. I'll probably make it random so sometimes it will cut them in half, sometimes it will decapitate them, etc... And I know about those AA issues, I've just been too lazy to fix them.:P

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Post by TheDarkArchon » Mon Oct 02, 2006 19:44

The laser gun thing's hand posistion looks rather uncomfortable.

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Post by wildweasel » Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:12

Looks promising so far, but you might want to redo the flare gun's reload animation - you'll notice that the doomguy has two right hands =P


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