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True Action

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 21:00
by Post
I kept it in secret for a long time...And now it (Time) had come , and i have to reveal it...
Allow me to present - TRUE ACTION

Lotta rips , the guys who don't like'em - get outta here
For one who has interested - download it

Yeah , it's not a final verion and it has some bugs , but i didn't show it to Wide Community...So , Awaiting Comments.Duh

So , what we got here...
We got:
1.1-fist (yeah , i am lazy one)
1.1-The Spirit Of LO WANG (once featured on Zdoom forum)
2.1-Single Colt 1911 pistol
2.2-Dual Colt 1911 pistols (Featured too)
2.3-Magnum Revolver ("Just call me Harry")
3.1-Shotgun (looks like a shotgun from DN3D)
3.2-Sawed-off (From Blood...Arhhh , RIPZZZ!)
3.3-Riot Gun (you know from where)
4.1-Dual Uzis (has secondary fire)
4.2-M16+M203 (Featured again)
4.3-Minigun (Ripped from (GG) UT2003)
5.1-Rocket Launcher (Yeah , from UT2003 too...Has a secondary fire like in UT...)
5.2-Remote Dinamyte (From Blood again)
5.3-Dinamyte+lighter ( know)
6.1-A A railgun (with secondary fire)
6.2-Flamethrower (has a secondary fire option)
7.1-Use it...Just use it...(the best discription is - Holy SHit!!!)

Oooph , thats all...
Enjoy , if it's possible...

P.S. Sorry for duble posting...Meoderator will understand...
P.P.S The mod will be fineshed in september-october...

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 21:22
by TheDarkArchon
Your server hates me: I get 0.4Kb/s transfer rate :(

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 21:34
by wildweasel
I almost couldn't find the download link amidst all the Russian text. And I get the same poor speeds as TDA. If you feel it necessary, email it to me and I'll put it up on the Armory server.

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 22:05
by Chronoteeth

A new weapon modder! Nice to see some new faces besides the usual 5. :P

uh, the wad zip is corrupted.

Can someone please PLEASE mail this to me at I really, really want to play this (and get that UT2K3 chaingun graphics. :P).

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:37
by Post
Oh , hey there...
Sorry , i haven't a possibility to post anything...
The month has begun , and my ballance went "-"

Now , i'm posting from colledge...
Later , when i pay my bills , i'll upload a better TA...

Be patient...

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 13:19
by Chronoteeth
Note to post: please try to refrain from using weapon graphics such as the shadow warrior quad shotgun, shadow warrior uzis, duke nukem shotgun, and the like, very overused they are, and even make your wad have a lower score. So if you can replace them, great! Very nice coding, but I think the TNT may be overshowed by the remote TNT. I think the plain TNT shoud be replaced with something better. Also, the laser rifle has no sound.

Other then those, Nice job.

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 12:24
by Post
At last , i got my home i-net channel again!

To Chronoteeth
You've downloaded it?Great!
Thanks for your advices.I'll try to replace the TNT after some buisness with Reloading of few guns...

Errrm , general differences from last version
+Added Reloading Sequence to Shotgun
+Added Reloading Sequence to Revolver
+Added Reloading Sequence to Dual Colts 1911
+Fixed jibzz stuff...

In plans:
+Will Add Reloading Sequence to uzis instead of tough secondary-rapid-fire.
+Will Add Reloading Sequence to Minigun...

One Question to Gunsmith Lords:
Can we randomize something in decorate?
For example a direction of spawning actors?

I won't change a DN shotgun , cause i am crazy 'bout it..
About other guns?Possibly i'll replace SW shotgun with something else...Still don't know 'bout uzis...

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 14:05
by TheDarkArchon
Your host REALLY hates me. I'm only getting 0.3Kbs-1 now.

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 14:11
by Post
Ooook ok , i'll upload it to rapid-share...BUT!
It's not really completed , so expect some bugs...

Here it is

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 18:00
by Chronoteeth
Okay, and another one, the single colt fire or whatever is kinda jerky on the third frame, you migth want to make it so it transacts smoother, and it's closer to the gun.

And see if you can find any suitable graphic replacements for the hadow warrior quad shotgun, shadow warrior uzis, and the duke nukem shotgun please.

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 18:29
by Post
Alright...I'll try to find...

Well , for now , i've made a MicroUzi from standart SW Uzis...
Sounds stupid , but looks kinda different...

Quad shotgun.Hm.I've found some graphics , will replace soon...

DN shotgun...Will see...

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 19:11
by Chronoteeth

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 20:28
by Post
Hm...Hunting shotgun is quite nice...Maybe i'll use it...Thanks

'Bout MicroUzis - here they are

Oh , don't ask bout the site...You see , a am working with TGP redirect stuff , so i have my own second-level domains...

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 21:01
by Chronoteeth
Oh, another thing: The primary fire for that lazer rifle has no sound.

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 21:05
by Post
Laser rifle==RailGun?
If so , then it's really strange...It suppose to have it.
Thanks for noticing that 8)

How are MicroUzis?