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Lioyd_Irving's Unfinished mods

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 14:20
by Lioyd_Irving
Hey, Lioyd here.

I also had other ideas while I had time - and here are a few things I've been working on.

1. Unnamed Akimbo Mod

It is a John Woo-styled weapon replacement for Doom that allows to spend all the game with the SAME guns, using different techniques - "Gun Fu", dual wield, shooting behind you, basically everything that can be seen in a John Woo film. Sadly, I have no more ideas for now...but I won't drop it ! >:(

2. The Revenge of the Imp

A TC I wanted to work on for several time, but I currently have WAY too much work to do anything. So basically, it is the sequel of Imp Encounter, but this time you control the female Imp, that has been resurrected by an Archvile and seeks revenge. I'm not sure if there actually was a female Imp - some people say it was a shemale, or even an illusion caused by the berserk pack on Taylor's brain. I don't know which of these is the true one - and actually I don't give it a crap, because i liked the idea of a female Imp. For the voice i was hoping not snarls and growls, but rather a distorted, high-pitched woman voice, a bit like Midona's in The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. And, of course, you got firearms - because unlike male Imps, female Imps have no powers.

3. Unnamed RPG-ish mod

It was supposed to be the weapons for a megawad, but it has progressively grown to a whole weapon mod. In this one, you choose your class - Soldier, Gunslinger, Sword Master, Trickster - and you battle Hell's hordes using special abilities unique to each class such as dashing, rendering yourself invisible or invulnerable, raising the powers of your guns for a short amount of time, etc. It'll take time to finish, because I didn't find any replacement for the RL, Plasma Gun and BFG. Not to mention I'm not familiar with the $playersound thingy.

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 0:15
by lizardcommando
I wanted to try and make a John Woo mod for EDGE a long time ago. I had concept art for the new enemies and weapons and I only had one new gun made IIRC. I don't really remember what happened to that wadfile...

Ah, as for your John Woo mod, how about being able to wall jump or drop your weapons when you run out of ammo and have no time to reload?

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:30
by Lioyd_Irving
Yeah, I thought about it but I have no idea of how doing walljumps...Xaser said he'd try to work on it but he doesn't reply to my messages.

About the thing of dropping the guns, I prefer having infinite bullet clips - more Woo-ish.

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 17:34
by Mr. Mistoffelees
From the sheer number of Imps millions of Doom players have slaughtered over the years, I thought they grew on trees... :)

...or maybe they are like the Uruk'Hai, and come out of the ground like potatoes! It's just like my favorite game quote:

"DIE when I kill you!"
-Serious Sam

On the note of dropping weapons when empty instead of having to reload them... In EDGE, simply have your "CHECKRELOAD" command as the first line of the "ATTACK" sequence in your DDFWEAP.LMP file, so that you will only reload if you hit fire AFTER emptying your clip. You can also use this trick with non-automatic weapons like pump shotguns to make the pump manual (click to fire, another click to pump, etc.).

If you do not hit fire to initiate reloading after emptying your clip, you may switch weapons. Whenever you switch back, the weapon MAY have a full clip. I can't remember if it does or doesn't in EDGE 1.29, but I'm pretty sure it does.

If you're really desperate, and don't mind wasting the secondary fire mode, you could make it so that secondary fire launches the weapon pickup and activates something in the RSCRIPT.LMP files that removes the weapon from your inventory. You would actually have to launch a dummy weapon that spawns the pickup when it hits something, otherwise you will pick up the powerup as soon as you throw it. Still, something like that should work.

Take care!
-Mr. Mistoffelees

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 15:54
by Lioyd_Irving
Thanks, but I prefer working on ZDoom rather than EDGE. I don't want to learn one more scripting language. :p

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 16:13
by Mr. Mistoffelees
Well, don't worry about what I said, then. :wink: Still, I find EDGE to be MUCH easier than ZDoom and GZDoom to use, if not as powerful. I like EDGE because I like being able to turn out, modify, trash, reimplement, and finalize three or four weapons in a day or two, without slogging through the infamous (G)ZDoom moments of "what the heck just exploded in my coding...?" I'll learn how to use something other than EDGE once I get really bored or something, and you can learn EDGE when you're really bored or something, so that we may thus complement each other's reluctance on learning new, painful scripting languages! :lol:

Take care and keep it up!
-Mr. Mistoffelees

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 16:00
by Lioyd_Irving
Thanks, but *G*ZDoom coding got really simpler now that we can put directly
a state label as a string rather than a jump offset with the A_Jump function.
This makes things cleaner and much more enjoyable to use.
Not to mention the last weapon mod i've been playing with EDGE had awful
lag issues for no known reason.

So, thanks for the proposition, but I prefer sticking to GZD for now. :)

Edit: Oh and by the way, I think it won't be a
replacement, but rather a Payne-style map
(with more baddies, naturally). I've found Drowning Pool's"Bodies" around.
And I've got a name : Heroic Bloodshed. Copyright ME. If you use it I'll blow you. :twisted: