A_CheckSightOrRange (GZDoom-r741)

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A_CheckSightOrRange (GZDoom-r741)

Post by Rachael » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:02

Download (Note: Updated to r742)

This build adds a new DECORATE action function, nothing more.

A_CheckSightOrRange (int distance, str state)
A_CheckSightOrRange (int distance, int offset)

This function performs two checks on all active players in the game:

--> First, it does exactly the same as A_CheckSight does - if the player can see the actor, it will not jump.
--> Secondly, it will also check each player to see if they are in range specified by distance, and will also not jump if they are.

This means that each player has to simultaneously be out of range and out of view of the actor, in order for the jump to occur. Note that this check will only check the player's camera, not the player himself.

This is most useful for actor-heavy special effects, where if you are close enough to it you don't want it stopping simply because the player hid behind a railing or a raised sector momentarily.

Diff patch here for GZDoom-r741.

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