gzdoom 3.0 crashes upon starting a new game

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gzdoom 3.0 crashes upon starting a new game

Post by renkoha »

hi everyone i recently got gzdoom 3.0 and after properly configurating controls, hud, automap and everything else i tried to start a new game but every time i try gzdoom crashes this way.

normal mouse appears on screen, after that i can no longer interact with gzdoom menu, music keeps playing on the backgrounds, since i am runnig this in fullscreen mode if i want to go back to windows i need to press ctrl+alt+del, now in task manager i can see gzdoom running in background mode but still i can't make it run as it should anymore, so i went to zdl and tried to launch gzdoom once again and i found an error message that says this:

"Cannot find a game IWAD (doom.wad, doom2.wad, heretic.wad, etc.).
Did you install GZDoom properly? You can do either of the following:
1. Place one or more of these wads in the same directory as GZDoom.
2. Edit your gzdoom-username.ini and add the directories of your iwads
to the list beneath [IWADSearch.Directories]"

so i tried puting doom2 iwad on same folder as gzdoom 3.0 and launched the game without zdl or any addon and i could run the game in vanilla mode so i tried putting a new path on zdl and tried the same process again and nothing, so i'm clueless at the moment, in any case i got my addons and iwads on a folder called doom_stuff and gzdoom version on a separate folder i.e. gzdoom bin 3-0-0, this is the first time this ever happens to me i ran all prior version of gzdoom like this i never got this problem before

now i got an old system intel i5 560m 2.67 ghz (1st gen) with intel hd graphics integrated 1gb on windows 10 and i use the patch that covers for gzdoom driver not accelerated, however the one i have has been with me for quite some time now, i don't know is that pacth has been updated or something else, but i need help guys
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Re: gzdoom 3.0 crashes upon starting a new game

Post by Gez »

Have you tried starting in software mode?

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