Some Movement on DooM Projects. Finally.

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Some Movement on DooM Projects. Finally.

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Here are a few updates to report on Parallax, at least one of which ought to be a cause for celebration (Davitch, stand up, please):

1. Jeff "Davitch" Ligda has emerged from an extended hiatus to begin the creation of new and customized music for the project. For those of you that have heard his stuff (e.g., Paranoid, Paranoiac, and The Phobos Directive) you know that he is extremely talented and is capable of wild swings between moody/atmospheric and manic/head-banging and everything in between. In other words, the kind of music variety you sit up and pay attention to.
2. I have mentioned before that Ed The Bat has swapped out all of the sprites in the game to models. Ed is another extremely capable member of the team, and his talents are diverse. The use of models completely transitions the game from a quasi first-generation FPS firmly into the realm of a second-generation game. Thanks, obviously, to the GZDooM development team.
3. Jeff has volunteered for voice-acting at least one of the parts. Rachael Alexanderson will be reprising her role as Col. Stinson, the shadowy de facto leader of Legion: Earth. Dr. Zimmerman makes an appearance, and I'll be doing his voice again. I am working on the scripts, and the voice recordings ought to commence forthwith (heh).
4. Nigel "Enjay" Rowand has been quietly encouraging all of us behind the scenes. He'll be stepping up to his role as project lead once the pieces start coming together. Which ought to be (somewhat) soon.
5. Mapping on all 5 maps of the "bonus" episode is 100% complete. This includes the Xen map that uses trampolines for various puzzles. This is the map that was inspired by Nigel's development of the alien trampolines as models.
6. This leaves just the massive space station map (slot 29) and Xen temple (slot 32) to be completed.

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