Further Ramblings .....

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Further Ramblings .....

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The news of my demise is greatly exaggerated. And, no, this is not ChatGPT posing as Rex Claussen as it rambles ever onward. Three items of note:
  • 1. I completed RDR Undead Nightmare and replayed it at max difficulty level. Such mindless fun. I particularly like the Unicorn, which has a halo of butterflies and leaves a rainbow trail that seems to emanate from its posterior end. A horned horse that farts rainbows. Who'da thunk it?
    2. I started RDR2, which is even more spectacular than RDR. I'm about halfway through the main story-line, but I'm having more of a blast doing the open-world exploration thing. The level of realism and detail is mind-boggling, with a seemingly inexhaustible number of side missions (the Saint Denis "vampire". anyone?)
    3. I've been making incremental progress on Zero Dark: Theta. One of the maps for the giant space station has dozens of scripts, but that also results in possible glitches. That map will need lots of play-testing.
If that wasn't enough rambling, here's another little bit: As Jethro Tull sang in their (in)famous concept album Thick as a Brick: "I've come down from the the upper class, to mend your rotten ways. My father was a man of power, whom everyone obeyed." Satire at its finest.

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