OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Post by Matthew »

Hi there; I've been writing an OpenGL renderer for ecwolf. I don't know if anybody is interested

It's not finished at the moment but it plays the game pretty well. ... /src/matgl

The renderer is mostly stand-alone and requires only a small number of modifications to existing ECWolf code to work.

Source is here....I've been editing it in visual studio ide and haven't updated the CMake stuff yet, sorry. I will, though.

I've verified the OpenGL renderer is pretty much pixel-exact to the current ECWolf renderer.

photo_2023-11-20_21-14-23.jpg (82.62 KiB) Viewed 729 times
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Re: OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Post by Rachael »

That is some very cool stuff. :)

Re: OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Post by MatthewD »


It's certainly not ready yet, but I wanted to gauge if there was any interest in merging the opengl renderer as an option back into ecwolf source code

If code quality etc is up to standard.

Alternatively it may be better to make a few modifications to allow external renderers to be plugged into ecwolf. This option may perhaps be a little better

There is some stuff left to do for the opengl renderer:

1. Menus and map isn't rendered with the opengl renderer as yet
2. Haven't finished push-walls properly though that looks pretty easy
3. Some quick to fix stuff where I need to make sure changing screen resolutions, aspect ratios, full screen, etc all works properly.
4. I didn't really code the opengl renderer in the original ecwolf coding style, though this may not matter if it's released as an independent plugin perhaps.
5. Hud isn't finished

One reason I think the OpenGL renderer might be useful is it allows full rate gate gameplay at 4k resolutions and such, which the inbuilt renderer struggles with
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Re: OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Post by Enjay »

That does look nice. It helps give the very stark Wolfenstein map a much moodier look.
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Re: OpenGL Renderer for ECWolf

Post by Blzut3 »

While I'm not personally interested in alternative renderers, as long as you're intending to maintain it, you're welcome to submit it for inclusion upstream. It sounds like you have a good sense about what's required before it will be accepted, so let me know when you're ready for review and I'll look things over.

In case you're not aware the 2D drawing routines are pulled from ZDoom (granted an old version at this point) so there's exists OpenGL versions of that already. I know there have been a couple overhauls in GZDoom since the point where ECWolf forked that code so probably not super useful information.
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