I can't see my custom sprite.

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I can't see my custom sprite.

Post by Rycuz »

Hello, I am trying to make some crossover mod between Doom and Wolfenstein 3D while learning DECORATE. I used Coffee Break mod as a reference and placeholder (the placeholders, PALLETE, and COLORMAP will removed after prototyping stage done). As I experimenting, I have successfully make a new weapon & player stats. But the custom sprite for the weapon isn't showing, yet if I use readily available Wolfenstein 3D, its showing so its impossible that the weapon is bugged.
Weapon details:

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1 - Assault Rifle
  LMB: Fires Bullet
  RMB: Use Bayonet
File: >>DOWNLOAD HERE<< (file.zip)
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Re: I can't see my custom sprite.

Post by Blzut3 »

Sorry for the long wait on the response, didn't touch my personal computer much the last couple weeks.

There are two issues: First, sprites need to go into a sprites directory. See the name spaces documentation for the list of special directories: http://maniacsvault.net/ecwolf/wiki/Dat ... ame_Spaces

Secondly your sprites don't have offsets. Typically this is just done in Slade, but since you're doing Wolf3D scale weapon sprites you have to deal with a little bit of tooling awkwardness. The easy way that a lot of mod authors use is to you a 160x160 reference sprite in sprites/ which is where you'll embed the offsets and then use the hires/ directory with the same name for the 64x64 sprite (offsets are based on the reference sprite in this method). Coffee Break is an example of this.

If you want to do it the more correct way you can use TEXTURES to set the sprite scale to 2.5 and set the offsets.
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