Doom Weapons Mod pet peeves

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Post by The_Funktasm » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:25

wildweasel wrote:
The_Funktasm wrote:
Woolie Wool wrote:For some reason, I can't stand Kalashnikovs like AK-47s, RPKs (sorry Wildweasel), etc. They're incredibly ugly and every "tactical" mod or FPS game seems to have at least one.
That's funny, I think of the M16/M4 the same way.
Well, both ends of the spectrum - the AR variants and the AK variants both - are rather grating on my nerves as of late; they're still used in "modern" tactical games despite the fact that superior alternatives have already been developed even as early as the late 90's. We've got stuff like the G36, the F2000, the SCAR, the Kriss Super why are so-called special forces units in games like Call of Duty 4 still equipped by default with aging M4A1's? I mean, the SAS missions sometimes started you off with a G36C with reflex sights, but I hate most of the AR variants.
It's a gun that has it's place, and the place it belongs is as a low-tier but high powered assault rifle held by someone who isn't in any real military and can be found anywhere and for cheap.
Although I do believe that Spetznaz uses the AN-94 Abakan, an advanced variant of the AK-74.

You're right with the newer guns, but they suffer a similar fate. The G36 is spammed around a lot too, it's just that it's had a lot less time to. Not to mention that the AK is a real classic, and any sort of illegal arms dealer would seem like a dumbass if he didn't even have one.

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Re: Doom Weapons Mod pet peeves

Post by yellowmadman » Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:13

Sorry if this is bumping or anything like that,

but I have quite a few issues with weapons.

1- horrific spriting jobs- I almost always see guns flashing wildly when you fire, still having part of the background the weapon was ripped from (white/blueish outlines) Or just simply messed up looking sprites.
2- Aweful animations- My example is the duke nukem weapons wad, which for some reason decided to have a super shotgun, Now you would fire the gun, and NO HANDS open it, the shells freeze in mid air, then go back into the gun an dits loaded. So what, am I using flying reusable ammo?

Same with normal shotguns, when the cocking just takes too long or looks choppy.

Stupid weapons- I have this issue with custom monsters as well. Instead of giving it a clever function that makes it difficult, or powerful in the weapons case, it just randomly throws up a billion plasma balls.
I saw this with WRW and the doom 3 BFG.

Weapons that look stupid- Seriously, enough redneck rampage guns, I can't take them seriously at all.
A motor cycle, bra/machinegun (wtf?)

Incomplete/stockless weapons- this I see with the M249, and on the marine doom mod, It is only good looking if you have the hud, problem, I don't like to use it. I like to see everything on screen, so now Im looking at this floating top part of an M249.....Jeez, that sure looks cool.


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