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Post by MassVC » Tue Jul 12, 2005 4:28

Did you say you were looking for projects to host? If so, I'd be happy to be hosted here. I really can't stand my current host at because I can't hotlink files over 250k and can only upload up to 2 MB files. This means, that getwad can't get the wads, so testing is rather difficult. Also, 2 MB is not very much upload space (especially for the project I'm currently working on).

My site at showcases some of my older work, such as "Just DooM It!" (a 30 map DM Megawad for Zdoom/Zdaemon/Skulltag) and other levels. However, my current project, wich is a TC in the works, known as "Area 51". It's primary purpose will be for online multiplayer (DM,TDM,CTF). I don't have a page for it yet, but if you decide to host a51 here, I can code the html for it).
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Post by grubber » Tue Jul 12, 2005 7:52

OK. Just keep it small (say, max 20 MB).

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