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OpenAL32.dll version

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2021 15:42
by Enjay
I noticed that the GZDoom git builds are packaged with OpenAL32.dll version 1.20.1 whereas the current official GZDoom distribution uses 1.21.0.

The newer version fixes an audible "pop" that can be heard when certain sounds (such as a line of pickups) are played in close succession.

Re: OpenAL32.dll version

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2021 16:57
by Rex Claussen
Not that it matters for me (as I'm continuing to use an older build of GZDooM because of hardware limitations), but I'm guessing that the OpanAL v1.21.0 can simply be inserted into the relevant folder to replace v1.20.0, correct?

Re: OpenAL32.dll version

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 17:10
by Enjay
It can. I've actually been doing that with a test build of the dll that Chris shared over on ZDoom some months ago. (page two of this thread).

GZDoom 4.6 now ships with 1.21.0 so I assume it's just a simple matter of updating the build/packaging process to include the new setup for the git builds.