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Community Builds

Post by Rachael » Thu Jul 02, 2009 18:27

Like Experimental Builds, Community Builds are made to test new features of (G)ZDoom before they ever get put into the main source tree. The main difference, however, is that community builds aim to be a conglomeration of features, and every build is made to be backwards compatible with itself.

It should be noted, however, that Community Builds are much buggier than the unmodified SVN versions of the source port on which they're based. There will be issues in these builds that do not exist in the main ZDoom trunk - please use the right bug report forum for these.

Community builds always have a "diff" patch uploaded along with their Windows compile, 1) to allow POSIX OS users to compile their own, and 2) to allow the community to reuse the code in other projects, providing they follow appropriate license agreements.

They can be found here, along with their sources:

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