ECWolf 1.1 Released

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ECWolf 1.1 Released

Post by Rachael » Tue Dec 18, 2012 19:34

Posted by Blzut3 yesterday... enjoy :)
Blzut3 wrote:ECWolf 1.1 has been released. Given how game breaking some of the bug were, this release is somewhat overdue. Be sure to scan over the revised release notes and then head over to the downloads page. The tech demo has been updated with a new secret level so be sure to grab that as well!

While this was intended to be mostly a bug fix release. There are a few features thrown in here including move/weapon bob lifted straight from ZDoom. It also includes an initial implementation of mouse look via y-shearing (use Tab+M in debug mode to enable), but there's still no z-axis.

The documentation is being updated as I have time (if anyone is willing to help please contact me for a wiki account), but in the mean time here's an interpreted version of the Mercurial log:
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