Do That Crazy Hand Hive ....

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Do That Crazy Hand Hive ....

Post by Rex Claussen » Mon Dec 21, 2015 21:58

If your mind immediately jumps to the famous song by Johnny Otis (circa 1958), then you're ..... well, frankly, you're pretty old. Heh.

But no, I'm not here to expound on "Willie & the Hand Jive" (also nicely done by Eric Clapton). I'm here to announce that I've successfully introduced the HornetGun (aka HiveHand) into Paranoiac. I scoured through the AeOD code, extracted the relevant definitions, cleaned it up, and tweaked it until I was satisfied. It features both primary & secondary fire modes, with a new secondary-fire projectile that is not Half-Life canon, but is very cool, nonetheless. There's still a minor tweak I need to make (once I figure out how) - I want to decrease the "reload" rate for the more powerful secondary fire mode.

And then, of course, I still need to add the weapon to the status bar, which, I've discovered, is just such a joy. But these are minor tasks compared to the challenge (for me, at least) of introducing a new weapon, even one for which the coding was already done. Yes, yes, I know - standing on the shoulders of giants and all that. But I think you'll enjoy the result.

I also reached out to Willem Sitters, 3D modeler extraordinaire, about converting the relevant .mdl format models in Half-Life to .md3 format, which GZDooM requires. Being the gentleman that he is, he couldn't refuse. I still need to extract the models & skins from Half-Life, but at least I know how to do those. So, my friends, we are slowly checking off things from the to-do list.

Thank you both for tuning in.

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