Zero Dark: Theta

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Zero Dark: Theta

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Zero Dark: Theta is my reworking of ancient projects of mine: The Darkest Hour and its prequel Dawn: A Prelude. Zero Dark: Theta is a prequel to Dawn: A Prelude, but it will have the original 2 games.

1. The new episode is slated to have 7 maps, including 3 set on a massive Imperial Space Station. Mapping on one of the space station maps is complete, and mapping on another map is under way.
2. The other big development is the use of enemies and weapons that use DECORATE to better emulate Dark Forces & Star Wars actors. [All credit for this work goes to the respective authors whose work I have adapted.] The original games used re-skinned DooM enemies and weapons; the Rogue Jedi used DeHacked.
3. The game has other developments too: plenty of additional textures, full use of GZDooM features, updates of all original maps with new textures and GZDooM features.

I did announce this game almost 3 years ago, but the announcement flew under the radar.

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