A Grab-Bag of Mods

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A Grab-Bag of Mods

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Considering I have yet to perform my obligatory news report on DooM modding for the year, I figured this would be an opportune opportunity to do so. So, without further adieu [sic], here goes:


1. Since 2017 The Persecution Complex Team has been working on a massive project based on Paranoid and Paranoiac.
2. Ed the Bat has converted all sprites (enemies, weapons, HUD weapons) into models. The game looks spectacular as a result.
3. Ed the Bat has introduced multi-player (primarily co-op mode) to all maps in Paranoid and Paranoiac.
4. Ed the Bat has implemented a new weapon (Desert Eagle .357 magnum). This will likely only appear in select maps (see below).
5. Ed the Bat has implemented a game-play mode where you play as Otis, the chunky security guard who is Barney's counterpart in Half-Life: Blue Shift.
6. I have created 3 new episodes, which will contain at least 12 maps.
a. "Paranoia: Slight Return" is a complete rework of the 5 maps in Paranoia, but with the same story-line. Most of the mapping is complete.
b. "Parallax: The Xen Enigma" has 4 maps set in the Xen environment (including a massive space station of human origin). All the mapping on 2 maps is done, a significant portion of mapping on a third is complete, and I've gotten a start on the fourth map.
c. "Parallax: The Deimos Syndrome" currently has 3 maps, set in a weird DooM/Half-Life environment. The maps have a Deimos theme but with H-L textures, and where players use the original DooM weapons against Half-Life enemies. The map geometry, game-play, and progression are very much DooM-like, but the look .... the look is a cross between the 2 games. All mapping has been completed on 2 maps, and about 50% to 60% mapping has been completed on the third.
7. I am looking to create a 4th new episode, which will contain the Otis/Blue Shift story-line. My guess is that there will be 3 maps in this episode.
8. No screenshots yet, but stay tuned.


1. Since early 2019 I have been working quietly on a Star Wars project.
2. Dawn: A Prelude was the prequel to The Darkest Hour. In Dawn the player (Wrok Onmo) starts off in an Imperial Detention Facility. Zero Dark: Theta tells the story of how Wrok Onmo ends up in that prison.
3. The episode is slated to have 7 maps, including 3 set on a massive Imperial Space Station. Mapping on one of the space station maps is complete, and mapping on another map is under way.
4. The other big development is the use of enemies and weapons that use DECORATE to better emulate Dark Forces & Star Wars actors. [All credit for this work goes to the respective authors whose work I have adapted.] The original games used re-skinned DooM enemies and weapons; the Rogue Jedi used DeHacked.
5. The game has other developments too: plenty of additional textures, full use of GZDooM features, updates of all original maps with new textures and GZDooM features.
6. No screenshots yet, but stay tuned.

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