How Windows 10 (Almost) Rogered My Day

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How Windows 10 (Almost) Rogered My Day

Post by Rex Claussen » Tue Mar 31, 2020 16:24

On Sunday I decided I'd take my chances with upgrading my old Win 7 Pro computer to Win 10. This is the primary machine I use for DooM modding, testing, and playing. The upgrade worked swimmingly, and all was as before the upgrade. Or so I thought. Then I tried to fire up GZDooM and hit a blank wall. Mild panic ensued, as I reviewed my options. After spending many fruitless hours consulting with the maddening oracle that is the Internet, I almost gave up. I had resigned myself to bleak days without on-demand DooM modding - the upgraded machine is a laptop, while my alternative is a mini-tower inconveniently ensconced under my desk in my home office - when drfrag rode in to the rescue. He had immediately understood the nature of the problem, and he created a new development build that neatly bypassed the issue. You can imagine my relief, what?

At any rate, all is well with the world. [Except for planetary warming, global hunger, political strife, and, you know, a pandemic that is sweeping across boundaries that humankind, in its hubris, believed would keep all enemies out.]

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