DooM Editing "Career" Likely At An End?

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DooM Editing "Career" Likely At An End?

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Why is it, lately, that my news posts are mainly about my computer problems? I believed my computer problems were behind me after my last series of trial and error efforts with intel (f*ckin' intel!) graphics drivers. But that, it turns out, was Hydra masquerading as a computer hardware problem - cut off one head and two grow in its place.

I refuse to spend upwards of USD 1,000 on a computer that I will be buying just to edit for, and play, GZDooM. This means that I might have to give up creating projects for the game. [Of course, I can continue to create projects for Chocolate DooM and other source ports that don't require OpenGL 3.3 or higher.]

I'm still holding out hope for a workaround; if that works out I'll be granted a reprieve. But this, too, will likely be temporary.

Stay tuned.

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