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Manual Import finished!

Post by Tiger » Wed Dec 21, 2011 23:15

For awhile now, I have been slowly populating this forum with new posts that existed from my localhost forum. Despite the forum posts dates, the original creation can be from a broad range of 2009 to early 2011; thus, the older posts shouldn't be judged so harshly for its syntax or its writing format. Moreover, some of the posts that did exist on the TGRForums on FreeForums may not exist now. Some of the posts that I have allowed my thoughts to ponder are plausibly were never mirrored to my localhost copy before FreeForums corrupted the forum board or I later changed my mind on the ideas. Additionally, I have also spent some time on mildly updating some of the posts. Biggest change is how maps are now posted on the forums, but now contains a bit simplicity view for abroad readers. Other posts regarding developments have also been some what updated aswell, but not majorly overhauled. There is of course room for updating most of the posts, but I will focus on specific topics when I gain enough motivation and when I feel that the major project is ready for such topics. TGRDM3 has been an escalating project since mid-2007 and still this project continues today. Thus, with moving to DRDTeam's forum board, I hope that this will become the best choice for a permanent home for the TGRDM3 project. Now with the import finished, lets get back to what I really want to do - development!
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