Skybox not working.

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Skybox not working.

Post by Pollux » Sat Sep 14, 2013 14:24


I'd like to make a custom sky for my outdoor areas. Adding a texture into the WAD and editing the MAPINFO worked well, but the render is not that beautiful.
Skybox (using Picker/Viewpoint things) seems to be the perfect trick to create a nice looking custom sky, but it ain't working at all here. I tried with any possibles setup, within different formats (gzdoom, zdoom, hexen format), with a lot of different testing engines and the regular ceiling stills instead of the expected view. Also, I followed a lot of tutorials and tried to open WADs with skyboxes, the same result occured while testing.

So I am getting clueless and hopeless about skyboxes, wich is the most interesting feature in my opinion. I don't know what's missing in my configuration since I tried for several hours now, both way on GZDB and DoomBuilder 2. It's maybe a tiny detail, that you can figure out.

Any kind of help would be very appreciated, Thank you.

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