Welcome MaxED!

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Welcome MaxED!

Post by Rachael » Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:17

MaxED has officially joined the Dev Builds team! Welcome!

He will be maintaining the DoomBuilder branches, mainly his own project (GZDoomBuilder). Thank you, and welcome!

Unfortunately, this also means that we have to say goodbye to a great friend. Tiger has been more help to this Doom community than most people would ever know. This was a man who never gave less than 110% to everything he ever did - and he was always quite happy doing so. People like Tiger just don't spring up very often. He is very knowledgeable about so many things and, while some people may have seen him as eccentric, I saw him for what he truly was - he was a genuine asset to the community, and in his departure he leaves a great void. He is moving on to a gaming engine that better supports his project, and for that we cannot blame him, but that does not make us any less sad to see him go.

Tiger, you will be greatly missed. I hope you don't forget about us, and that you come back to say hi every once in a while! <3

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