Weapons "Clean Up" for Paranoiac

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Weapons "Clean Up" for Paranoiac

Post by Rex Claussen » Sun Oct 11, 2015 0:39

KB, this thread is for your benefit, until you get access to the Paranoiac forums.

1. DBT created the sprites and behavior code for the Gluon Gun. It goes without saying that it looks and plays awesome!
2. While rooting through the AeOD code, I discovered that the HiveHand (HornetGun) has been included in the game. Naturally, I am co-opting the weapon for Paranoiac. It looks and behaves like the original, except that it seems extremely powerful for our game. This is a relatively easy fix.

And now, the problems:

1. The new Gluon Gun code is only for the base weapon, and needs to be integrated with the old code from AeOD. I have spent some time trying to figure out how to strip the old code of unnecessary stuff, and am getting nowhere. More critically, there are sections of ACS code referenced, but I can't find the corresponding ACS anywhere (either in AeOD.pk3 or AeODdat.pk3). If the ACS is essential to the behavior then I need to retain the relevant DECORATE code, but I can't tell, as I can't see the ACS.
2. The HornetGun is entirely coded for AeOD. Again, some of the behavior is irrelevant for Paranoiac and it references ACS that I am unable to find.

In other words, I can try to incorporate the entire DECORATE code for these weapons, but without the corresponding ACS code I suspect I'll get errors. Can someone on the Team please look over the code and try and "clean" it up? I'll post this on the ZDooM forums too.

The code for the two weapons is attached here. "New GluonGun_Just Weapon" is the replacement for the base weapon only. The other 2 are straight from AEoDdat.pk3
New GluonGun_Just Weapon.txt
(6.58 KiB) Downloaded 69 times
GluonGunWepClass9 DECORATE.txt
(36.38 KiB) Downloaded 68 times
HornetGun WepClass5 Line4509 DECORATE.txt
(7.29 KiB) Downloaded 73 times

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