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Updated Links

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Hosted By DRD Team
Dev Builds - For all .exe projects relating to the Doom community and spin-offs or other closely related projects.
Doom Nexus - Rex Claussen's projects and blog.
Doomseeker - Online Multiplayer Doom Game Finder.
GZDoom - ZDoom with an OpenGL renderer extension.
KDiZD - Knee-Deep in ZDoom. Extremely ambitious project that is lots of fun to play.
Risen3D - A split from Doomsday that offers its own unique features.
Stronghold - Invasion Mapset brought to GZDoom. Known mostly for its beautiful maps and avant garde gameplay style of its time.

Source Ports and Major Projects
Doomsday - Doom Source Port with lots of hardware rendering features.
EDGE - Doom Source Port with a few of its own features.
Eternity - Source port that offers some of its own modding capabilities.
hyper3DGE - Continuation of EDGE - basically EDGE v2.
Odamex - Multiplayer Doom based on an older version of ZDoom.
Vavoom - Vavoom
Zandronum - Multiplayer ZDoom port.
ZDoom - Doom Source Port that seeks to unify all Doom engine games and offer a multitude of modding capabilities.

Complete Games That Use Above Source Ports
Freedoom - An IWAD containing resources meant to be compatible with most Doom/Doom2 PWADs.
Hacx - Once a commercial game, now freeware, using the Doom engine. Hacx2 is now in development.
Harmony - Awesome game made for ZDoom

Doom Community Related
Blzut3's Weblog - ECWolf, Super Noah's Ark, and related projects, and blog.
Cutstuff.net - Cutmanmike's projects.
Doomworld - Doom news and host of /idgames archive.
Realm 667 - Tormentor667's realm/repository/library/blog.
Wrack - A game created by Skulltag's original creator.

DRD Team Archives
BagHeadSpidy's Land
Paul's Canvas Workshop
TheDarkArchon's haunt

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