ZDoom passes the torch

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ZDoom passes the torch

Post by Rachael » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:11

It's been a long 19 years. In that time, we've made friends, lost friends, grown, learned, and changed.

It's no doubt that not a single one of us is the same person we were 19 years ago. Sometimes that also holds true for our projects - as has happened in the case with ZDoom.

It was recently announced that Randi has decided to cease development on ZDoom.

We all owe a great deal to her. She has enhanced our lives in more ways than she will ever imagine, and it is thanks to the openness that she offered with ZDoom and sharing it with the rest of us, that has enabled many of us to learn more about game development. To say that you were part of a major successful project in ZDoom was no small accomplishment.

Randi - you will be missed.

This also means that DRD Team will likely be archiving some of its ZDoom/GZDoom/QZDoom focused forums soon, to facilitate ZDoom.org becoming more of a hub for family projects and in favor of keeping everything under one roof.

Ironically, this happened to be on the same day that GZDoom and QZDoom both released new versions. So, yeah, be sure to check those out!

Here's a list of changes:

Fixes for GZDoom: (list from Graf Zahl's post)
  • Dehacked strings were cut off at the end
  • corrected a few cases where dynamic lights were not correctly set up
  • default lights for Doom and Heretic are now properly attenuated.
  • fixed a few issues with the ZScript compiler
  • fixed potential crash with Doom's boss brain
  • fixed state validation problem with Dehacked modifications.
  • fixed a crash with multiplayer games
  • fixed a few more cases where player sprites became momentarily visible during a portal transition.
  • made particle translucency calculations more precise
Additional (QZDoom only) fix:
  • Fixed a memory allocation error in the software renderer that was causing frame rates to tank.

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