Paranoiac: Slight Hiccup in Release

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Paranoiac: Slight Hiccup in Release

Post by Rex Claussen » Mon Feb 13, 2017 21:22

Paranoiac has been largely ready for release for about a week now. However, the latest round of beta-testing has revealed a couple of minor, cosmetic issues. These don't occur with v2.3.2 of GZDooM (the latest official release) but occur with the newest development build of GZDooM:

1. The fade-in and fade-out in the TITLEMAP does not work.
2. The fog effect in the freezer areas of Map 15 doesn't work.

We could have released the game for v2.3.2 of GZDooM, but Davitch discovered a few days ago that saved games don't remember gravity setting of maps in v2.3.2. This is rather important in the Xen maps. (The newer GZDooM dev builds have fixed this, thankfully.)

So, all-in-all, the situation is FUBAR. Therefore, for now we are delaying the release in the hope that these minor issues will be resolved by the next official release of GZDooM. Stay tuned. Hic!

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