Ready ..... Set ...... WTF?

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Ready ..... Set ...... WTF?

Post by Rex Claussen » Tue Mar 28, 2017 13:08

So Paranoiac has been largely ready for release for a couple of weeks now. The game was tweaked in several ways, including imparting a very cool new freezer damage effect, courtesy of Rachael and Gez. Meanwhile, Ed the Bat and Rachael patiently tested the game in co-op mode, and we have made some modifications to the game to facilitate co-op gameplay. Unfortunately, the orbiting islands in the Xen maps and the moving platform in Map 23 don't yet seem to be set up for multi-player use. Therefore, we will be releasing the game as a single-player experience first. [Subsequently, we will update the game to be fully compatible with co-op mode. We are also looking to update the original Paranoid to accommodate the many GZDooM changes that have occurred since our game's release in 2010.]

But after the release of GZDooM 2.4.0 we discovered that most combinations of sector light mode and fog mode (in GZDooM's GL options) create visual glitches in a couple of maps; they do not affect gameplay. Although a few combinations will get rid of the glitches, we have decided to wait a few days to see if an updated version of GZDooM to fix these problems is forthcoming. If an updated version will not happen, look for the game's release later this week.

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