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Resource Packs

Post by AstroCreep » Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:05

I have taken the liberty of making a few resource packs for ECWolf, designed to make editing with the extended features a little less difficult. I also intend on making some DECORATE packs as well, so there are some resources that can be easily copied and pasted into your project. As I make more of these, I will update this post. I have also wrote some tutorials that will help understand things a bit easier, which can be found on Zombie’s Wolfsource page

Most of this stuff requires the dev version of ECWolf, rather than the official release.

AstroCreep’s ECWolf DECORATE pack
This pack has various decorate actors, textures, sounds and other things that can be directly copied to your project for use, varying from slightly modified enemies to completely new ones! ... r5rGI/view

AstroCreep’s Wolf3D ECWolf Mapping Pack
This contains a new xlat for use with the registered Wolf3d files, featuring extended features such as switched doors, rott-style elevators and plane heights already added in, plus a few things added in from Spear of Destiny and a couple weapons using DECORATE. Also includes a .WMC definition for use with WDC, with extra map symbols already added in. ... vjIwF/view
I have also created a “lite”version that does not contain the extra DECORATE defs. Still includes SOD stuff. ... xFY4w/view

Gerald the German Shepherd vs the Death Kitties (unfinished project)
This is a short project I was working on years ago and abandoned. Some stuff may not work but I’m sure there’s something of use in here. ...

Rise of the Triad Wall Textures
These are walls from Rise of the Triad, simply extracted. ...

Astrostein Stuff
A pack I’ve uploaded before, full of stuff ripped from all the Astrostein series, plus some original stuff. ...

64x Wall Pack
Walls from the ECWolf resource pack, resized to 64x64 ...

AstroCreep's Super 3D Noah's Ark ECWolf Mapping Pack
A small pk3 file and .WMC definition for use as a base for ECWolf S3DNA projects, much like the vanilla Wolf3D ECWolf pack, with extra features enabled and tiles already defined. ...

AstroCreep's MacWolf ECWolf Mapping Pack
2 pk3 files and a WMC file for use as a base for ECWolf MacWolf projects. ec_macwolf.pk3 by itself is used for making maps for MacWolf, with a WDC definition included and a new XLAT that assigns tile numbers to the Mac data, also including the extra ECWolf features already added. ec_macwolf_assets.pk3 has the sprites sounds and textures from MacWolf, so you can use the PC Wolfenstein base files instead (since MacWolf is pretty hard to find and it wasn't hard to add the functionality) ...

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