My wolfendoom project

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My wolfendoom project

Post by yellowmadman » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:41

I call it The Nazi Weapon for right now, because nazi testing weapons were pretty sweet, and makes a good story.

The one map I have now is a large lobby like area. You must get through, and find your way to the cellar area (which I made very dark) and find the exit.

The next level will start where you left off, in a maze like area cellar, that is dark, until you come to the outside bit. Then you go back into a nazi fortress in search of the weapon/

I was gonna use wrw for this, so that I have alot of slots for weapons and everythings ready to go.
But I dont want someone to cheat and type in "give all" and end up with weapons I did not want in the game for many reasons.

The bit Im stuck at now, is that wrw and sawedoff shotgun dont get along. Hopefully this episode I am making (or TC because making maps is quite fun) will be done sometime soon. And the issues will go away. Because the problems I just mentioned are the only things keeping this not done.

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